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Stay inspired with the latest content, course and event information to empower your journey.

Introducing Our New Client Care Suite

A consciously curated support suite delivering preparation and post-session resources to 1:1 clients. All the tools you need with 24/7 access.


Well-Being Is Your Birthright.

Activate your well-being journey through embodiment practices, consciously-curated content, energy alchemy practices and strategies.


Empower yourself with online resources and heart-led content to stabilise, support and harmonise your vital energies.


Recalibrate and replenish your Energy each month with LIVE group healings, recorded content and exclusive member offers.


Experience true transformation with consciously crafted courses and workshops to align your path to Wholeness.

Where You Are Right Now Is Perfect.

Whether you are breaking open or yearning for real and consistent breakthroughs, your perfect pathway awaits.

Group Healing Membership

An immersion of monthly group healings, LIVE calls and recorded content supporting your path to Wholeness and well-being.


Online Courses + Workshops

Build your very own resource library with self-paced courses, meditations, workshops and group programmes.


1:1 Sessions and Programmes

Ready for rapid transformation? Join Olivia and Highest Guidance in her deep-dive Energy and Mentoring sessions.


"I felt confused and was constantly fighting my depression and anxiety. I was always on edge, highly emotional and strung out. Working with Olivia is like being gifted something you have dreamed about your whole life. The peace, ecstasy and pure joy that she brings to your life is like no other. This rapid transformation is the ultimate reason for my recovery. She really is an angel! "

Nicki R.

"I never experienced something like this before. I feel more present, more able to recognise my next best steps in life - It's like being taken by a heavenly hand, guiding me. Trust in Olivia. With her kind and tender, but still powerful way of guidance and healing, her well developed program and clear instructions has opened doors inside me to find a new, uplifting life structure. Thank you so much Olivia for your presence, for your work, for your communion. "

Ava C.

If not now, when?

Stay inspired with the latest content, course and event information to support your Well-Being journey.


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