My Mission is to facilitate uplifting, energetic care, support and tools to help you achieve your highest potential.

This newly created space is a divinely inspired solution in providing a deeper level of connection and service to meet the growing needs of our clients.

No matter where you are in your healing journey, you are welcome here.


Embracing Transformation

In 2016, Olivia Light experienced an unexpected Awakening.

Shortly after her 40th birthday, she grappled with debilitating migraines and vision issues. The onset was sudden, and Olivia – while balancing motherhood with the organic skincare company she had founded – feared she had a brain tumour.

The medical tests were clear. But shortly thereafter, Olivia awoke to a warm, potent energy covering her head and hands. The mother-of-three remained concerned.

Though the experience was unsettling at the time, it introduced Olivia to Divine Light Energy. It led to her own personal Healing and changed her life for the better.

Exploring New Priorities

Pre-Awakening, Olivia lived happily – running her skincare brand, working as a freelance natural beauty writer and raising her three lovely daughters in the coastal town of Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Her life was ordinary. It seemed full.

Yet something had shifted.

Olivia gradually came to terms with her transformation. She wanted to give back. And so she did.

Within a few months, Olivia had a fully-booked practice of clients from all over the world. Word spread quickly, and treating professionals – doctors, psychologists, naturopaths and many others – began to refer their patients to her.

In just three years, Olivia has facilitated transformation for more than 3,000 clients. She has also assisted more than 270 families in need through her pro-bono Compassion Clinic.

Channelling Divine Light Energy

Healing With Olivia facilitates energetic care and Guidance for clients in search of clarity – all while providing the support and tools people need to unlock their highest well-being.

For those who embrace their Healing journey, the results are astounding. Olivia has walked her own talk, she has experienced firsthand what her clients are going through and she serves as a living example of all that is possible when a person achieves energetic harmony.

What does the future hold? Olivia currently works from her practice in Melbourne, Australia. The newly-launched Well-Being Hub is the next step in inspiring clients – in providing a deeper level of support and service. Online courses, group and one-on-one programmes are just the beginning.

Awaken. Alchemise. Actualise.

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