She is Definitely Someone You Can Trust

I have suffered arthritis and chronic pain for around 27 years. I must say that for the small and gentle person Olivia is, the energy I felt in the healing was something so strong that I’ve not ever experienced before. The feeling was a warm pulsing and light pressure but she wasn’t touching me.

Since then, I have remained feeling the best I have in many years. My feet and hands no longer burn. The pain has reduced far more than anything else I have tried. Olivia is definitely someone you can trust.

- Lynne H.

Pain In Hips Is Gone

Dearest Liv,
I am so very grateful for your gifts and for your sharing them with me. I felt your energy connect and felt a significant warming and soft buzz in my hands and feet. I also had sensation in my chest/heart area. My feet which were numb began to feel warm.

I feel much, much lighter. The energies I experienced during the session were the most powerful I have experienced. To feel my feet and my circulation being restored to my lower legs and feet is such a gift that it brings tears to my eyes.. To be almost pain free is even more amazing. I have lived every day in some level of pain for many years.

- Susan, New Jersey.

Timing Is Everything

It’s so fascinating how things work out exactly how I need them too. In September I had just completed Belinda Davidson’s SoMM course and in the final weeks of that course I was led to you.

My son had a distance healing with you and I booked my own; and then the day before my healing my husband suddenly passed away. Taking gentle breaths through my heart space is honestly what’s got me through these past months - as well as your grounding meditation.

Timing is everything, and the support I’ve needed has arrived exactly when I needed it to and I feel so encouraged by it.

It’s difficult to define but it’s such a comfort and source of peace for me. Thank you so much Olivia.

- Rachel L.

Unfailingly kind and straight to the point.

The vivid healing experiences I've had with Olivia - breaking through old (and new) fears, healing injuries and energy blockages that have been holding me back for decades. I can't recommend her highly enough - unfailingly kind, sincere, caring and straight to the point

It's great to connect with an energy healer who actually wants you to be so well that she doesn't need to work on you any more.

I feel stronger, easier inside, happier and above all, eager to continue my healing, spiritual journey into the future.

- Guy H.

I Am Now Using Muscles That I Could Not Use Before

I felt often depressed because my health has always been a struggle for me. I could not walk for long, I had problems with my balance, and because of that I started to stoop. Lately, I also got very painful hips.

I chose Olivia, because I have had many operations, which did not really help much. I spent a lot of time on crutches and missing out on school, which really got me down. When my Nana told me about Olivia, I thought it might be a good idea to have a healing session. I kept an open mind about it.

I am so happy I have a much better posture now, due to not having to try and balance anymore. My moods are much better as well.
I recently had an X-ray for my hips, the doctor told me it’s all fine and I don’t have to have another operation. I am now using muscles that I could not use before, which is still a bit painful, but will be all good in the end.

I slept through it all and I woke up exactly when the session was finished. I don’t think anyone could have helped me as much as Olivia, I’m very grateful.

- Charlotte D.

An Instant Feeling of Lightness and Purity

I was on holiday in Australia when I came across Olivia’s information in a local publication. Being a healer myself for almost 30 years, there was something that had me drawn to contacting her. When arriving to her I felt the energy  shift up a notch. There was an instant feeling of lightness and purity.

For someone who is so gentle and petite, I was a little bit shocked at how strong her energy is. I felt as if I was being connected to a charging station. I can’t quite explain the session but all I knew is that it was profound. It’s been 12 months since I saw Olivia. And we have done some distance sessions since.

This beautiful soul is so honest and humble with her story. She has something you definitely don’t find every day. And the level of information she has access to is beyond the usual. I will definitely continue working with her. I always feel so refreshed and put back together. It’s incredible.

- Geraldine T.

I Can't Thank You Enough Olivia

I felt some amazing feelings during the healing...sometimes the lightness was just magical.

I have felt significant changes since we began the healing sessions, it’s hard to put into words which you probably hear a lot as the changes are subtle but also quite extraordinary for me. I feel such a sense of peace deep inside, sometimes I am sitting talking to people or just relaxing and I am still amazed at that feeling as it’s so new.

I just feel happier and calmer like everything is ok and I don’t have to get pulled into the dramas of the world. I haven’t had that feeling of anxiety in my stomach that used to be there all the time really, it’s such a lovely feeling after identifying myself for so long as ‘someone with stomach issues’ to have let go of this label I made for myself and have a sense that it’s no longer there.

I don’t feel fearful of health issues like I did before, even if symptoms come up that before would have triggered a downward spiral of questioning, researching and probably trying some new supplement; now it doesn’t seem to trigger that same response, I can be ok with being tired or whatever has come up without over analyzing.

I can’t thank you enough Olivia, you are just incredible and I am so grateful for these beautiful healings.

- Nikki, Thailand.

Child's Sleep and Anxiety

We first heard of Olivia through a friend. Our daughter was having trouble at bedtime, feeling anxious, not easily falling asleep and then having bad dreams. I was exhausted from the extensive routine to try and settle then comfort her at various stages during the night. I had also become anxious from seeing her frightened and becoming tired during the day. I feel like I had tried everything and was feeling helpless.

Speaking to Olivia on the phone, I knew she understood and I could hear how knowledgeable she was. And when she told me that she could work on my daughter once I put her to bed, I was amazed!

The very next day I received a report of all of the information from Olivia. And that night, my daughter ate dinner happily. Bedtime routine was much smoother. But more than that, she did not mention being scared, infact she seemed confident and empowered by the new routine that was prescribed to us.

We’ve all have relaxed evenings and full night sleeps ever since. It’s quite incredible. I wish I knew of Olivia when first having my children. And highly recommend her to anyone whose kids have difficulty at night. Or anyone for that matter!

Thank you so much Olivia.

- Susanna T.

Distance Healing

Hi Olivia
I am feeling very good after last nights session. It was all quite surreal, I could literally feel the energy changing and growing at about 10.25 p.m!

I was in bed awaiting the time and after saying the things I had been instructed to, I felt my pulse start to increase. This was quickly followed by a feeling in my hands and chest of what I can only describe as a strange energy that also felt like a big magnet !! How amazing !!

It was like I was being supercharged or something! It eventually subsided and I fell asleep and awoke an hour later feeling very calm and peaceful.

I couldn't wait to listen to your audio in the morning . When I played it I cried a little, so happy but overwhelmed that I had been helped so much. I am so grateful to you for sharing your wonderful gift to help me.

- Denise L.

No More Anger

I had an amazing experience with Olivia like nothing I've felt before. She helped me clear so much that needed shifting, bringing me back to my heightened cleared self that I hadn't felt for a long time. It was good to feel so light and not weighed down anymore, no more anger and frustrations that seemed so controlled after my healing. I really recommend any one to experience Olivia's gift, she's amazing.

- Kay A.

A Deeper Connection

In January this year I was on a holiday visiting friends and heard about the great sessions my friends had experienced with Olivia.

At the time I was yearning to feel more connection with Spirit, especially in the sessions with my clients.
I have had many healings over the years and without doubt the session I experienced with Olivia was beyond anything I’ve experienced before.

From the first moment Liv put her hands on me I felt “plugged in” to a tremendous power source.
There are no appropriate words to explain the entire details of the session as it felt beyond the normal bodily feelings, however I felt warmth, wrapped up and embraced in love and joy; there was intense (but not painful) pressure in some parts of my body and feelings of release and letting go and a renewed sense of connection.

For approximately 2 days after the session I still felt pressure in my head, face and hands; not uncomfortable but different to normal. Olivia advised that my meditations and the way I work with clients will change.

It is now 2 months since the healing and my connection to Spirit is much stronger than before the healing with Olivia. My clients are commenting on how different their sessions with me are and I feel blessed to have met Olivia and received through her this incredible connection to my Highest Guide and Divine team which I feel supported, guided and communicated by.

Much love and thanks to Divine Spirit and the beautiful energy of Olivia.

- Moira A.

Fulfilling My Purpose

I have worked with Olivia now on numerous occasions, through healings and workshops.
Before working with Olivia, I felt confused about where my life was heading. And scared of some of the sensations I was feeling. I lacked clarity and focus. Fear had been holding me back. And I wasn’t too trusting of others.

I chose to work with Olivia as I felt she understood me. She was gentle and kind and would introduce me slowly to new things. And I was right!

I have experienced more clarity, a stronger and deeper connection to myself, Guides, Higher Self, children and my husband. I felt such lightness and purpose after my sessions with Olivia. And had a more positive outlook. She was the right choice for me because she is such a gentle and beautiful person. She knows her stuff. She doesn’t force anything upon you.

I feel Olivia is a guide, working with me to fulfil my purpose. I am looking forward to working with and learning more from her. She is such an amazing and beautiful soul who completely understands you and is willing to help solve any issues you have.

- Belinda. W

Truly a Miracle

I must say that this gentle, unassuming woman is next level! What I experienced is truly a miracle. It is almost indescribable. Within seconds a powerful current ran through my body and my anxiety melted away. I felt my hip and left shoulder being repaired. I had tried everything - chiropractic, physiotherapy and accupuncture without success. And my head, it is so clear and focused now. My body feels light and well again. She really is what the world needs now.

- Maree, California.

Stopping a Downward Cycle

Working with Olivia was absolutely wonderful, I felt tingles, and all sort of emotions, it has started an amazing transformation in my life. I seem to have more love in my heart, feel more empathy and seem to be more aware of my thoughts, so I can stop them when they go on a downward cycle.
I can’t recommend Olivia highly enough! She has changed my life for the better.

              - Suzanna H.

Feeling Whole Again

Such an amazing experience for me. An incredible experience I am so grateful for. To feel whole again. I knew it would be huge but had no idea just how huge! Thank you beautiful friend."

- Amy J.

Life Changing

Working alongside Olivia has been life-changing. Her soul-hearted way of living and being has being nothing short of awe-inspiring, and her unique gift for remaining patient, present and endlessly connected to spirit has helped me deepen my own practice.

In this busy day and time, Olivia offers the tools needed to achieve respite and calmness within, so it can trickle out into all aspects of life. Olivia's work will come as a gift and blessing to all those willing to empower themselves and utilise her pillars of self-love, self-acceptance and self-care; which she teaches and embodies so brilliantly.

- Kristina louannou, Journalist

A Difficult Time

I recently had an energy healing session with Olivia. I was going through a difficult time, I really needed some help and support and it turned out that this was the best thing I could have done! It was far beyond my expectations. Since the session, the changes I have experienced in my life and within myself are incredible. I am stronger and happier and feel driven to care for myself and explore this wonderful energy alignment that Olivia opened up. I cannot recommend highly enough.

- Freyja S.

A True Leader

Olivia is one of the true leaders in this space. Practicing what she preaches in an open and honest way makes her followers feel her lessons and learnings are as obtainable and reachable as they are authentic and real.

- Greta K.

Confidence in Parenting and in Business

This is beyond exciting to see Olivia offering the world her gift; one of many things she shines in. I met Olivia when searching for natural skin care and through this we became close friends. I have learned so much from her both in business and life generally.

I have had to overcome many heralds in these areas, as we all do, and Olivia has guided me through to the other side. She has built my confidence in parenting and in business. I am truly ecstatic to be finally be able to now utilise the gift and motivation she offers through her work

- Ainsley S.

I Learned So Much

Olivia has such a humble and beautiful way to guide people on their journey. I always felt safe and held with her very kind and loving guidance. I learned so much during the 12 weeks of the Light Guardian course and many things have changed in my life during that time. I can only recommend anyone to take the course or work with Olivia in some other way. She is such a unique soul doing her work with so much heart. Thank you for everything, Olivia!

- Elena G.